sound and visual artist

Retort Ateliers A17
Rijnsburgstraat 74
1059 AX Amsterdam



As an artist and a researcher in the field of sound and space my focus is how to listen to ambient sounds in a more intense way. How do we listen and how do we perceive sounds? What happens outdoors, in a public space, what happens in our ear? My work is about to become aware of sounds, the secrets and its origin, about discovering the smallest changes of sound and about revealing the resonances in different shapes and spaces.

About the human voice

Lately I started to look for the different sound characteristics in spaces, volumes and our voice. Each voice has got its own characteristic because of its particular sound-colour. Nobody has got the same voice or identity as no city or space sounds the same. The behaviour of sound and how we use it is part of our identity. But what happens when I separate the overtones of a space, city or voice and re-arrange them again? Am I able to manipulate our surroundings, our personal space, and our identity and can I find a new expression for it?

About my starting points

I am inspired by the history of science and technology. My work deals with concepts related to the history of sound and the mechanisation of the industries. With my installations and performances I work towards architectural and theatrical forms. This is amplified by my previous activity in the museological field. In this framework different theories existed: about the approach, how to inventarise or explain our western cultural heritage.

About the architecture of sound
In general a sound is made up out of a keynote and overtones. In my work I look for the different sound characteristic in materials and spaces, try to find the overtones in every piece and segment. When separated, one can experience them individually, like an atom of a molecule. When we split the molecule, the atoms re-arrange themselves to form a new substance. By re-arrange the separated overtones, I discover new sound formula’s.

About my installations and performances

I enjoy working with raw materials, early industrial workplaces, manual labour, and strange discoveries. In my performances and installations I first start to research the architecture of sound. It will form the starting point for developing the architectural and theatrical form. With (live)electronics I search for the magic of what sound can do: drawing my audience into my world, hinting of things to come, shaping each character with tempo, pitch, range and melody. The moment of wonder and surprise is very important to create new experiences in which traces of history are present.